ACF Animal Rescue Shares Heart Wrenching Tales of Two Mother Dogs

Despite all efforts from animal welfare organizations, society in Pakistan has yet to learn how to be tolerant towards animals. It is a shame how much harm can be caused to innocent animals just because someone felt threatened by their general presence. Out of all animals, however, stray dogs are misunderstood the most in our culture but mistreating them doesn’t help anyone.

Making a point of this and spreading the word of empathy once again, Ayesha Chundrigar and ACF Animal Rescue shared tragic videos of two mother dogs who needlessly faced harm from civilians in their neighborhood. Both dogs had recently bred puppies but were unnecessarily seen as a threat to an unknown neighbor. One of the dogs was poisoned while she was still feeding her little pups and the other was brutally attacked with acid, covering her in wounds all over her body.

ACF Animal Rescue often shares stories like these to help people understand those street animals are a living and breathing form of life as well. They are as important as humans in the grander scheme of things and are vital for any ecosystem to thrive.

Last week the animal welfare foundation was called by reporters who sent the saddening videos to provide aid. ACF further posted the clips to help people recognize how inhumane these acts really are. They used empathy and education to guide people on how to actually respond to events like these.

ACF Animal Rescue posted,

“We have two heart-wrenching tales to share. Both mothers were trying to protect their children. Both mothers met a horrific fate that they didn’t deserve but only met because they were dogs, despite their hearts and their need to protect their children being exactly the same as ours,”

The animal rescue organization further added,

“The first two videos were sent by the reporter who found a mother dog poisoned. Some neighbors had mixed poison in the milk that they had given this starving mother, who happily and innocently must have lapped it up because of being cold and extra hungry while feeding her babies. When the poison struck, her body must have been stiff and she must have lost all control, as her organs shut down one by one, as she was helplessly worried about who would care for her babies as she slowly and painfully died. Imagine dying in such a physically and emotionally agonizing state?”

The image was haunting, to say the least of a mother dog covered in flies while two of her babies died. In order to regulate their body temperature to get them to feed the living puppies were taken to the ACF shelter.

The next set of videos was of a mother dog who had acid thrown on her by another civilian. The animal welfare service wrote,

“She has multiple deep burns all over her tiny body as well as an injured leg. A son who was rescued alongside her and now they are both with us. She was very aggressive and did not let anyone near. But you’ll see how calm she is when Dr. Meer rubs medicine on her wounds. This is after she hungrily ate a big bowl of food and the painkiller kicked in. To both stories, we ask, what did these mothers do wrong? And we also point out that it’s not the authorities, these acts are carried out by those who walk among us,”

Stray dogs have been needlessly abused for far too long and it’s time to put it to an end. Ayesha Chundrigar and ACF Animal Rescue do whatever is in their power to help as many animals as they can but there’s so much more work to be done to help people understand this at a grassroots level.

To help the acid burn survivor and her puppy you can sponsor their treatment and care by inboxing @acfanimalrescue “DAAL/CHAWAL”