Actress Rimha Ahmed’s Advice Can Change Your Life

“If you seriously want to change, you have to go through uncomfortable situations”

Rimha Ahmed posted her recent photos on Instagram with life-changing advice for everyone.

The Muqaddar Ka Sitara actress remarked in the caption that individuals may change their lives by willingly facing difficult conditions.

She captioned the post,

If you seriously want to change, you have to go through uncomfortable situations. Stop trying to avoid the process. It’s the only way to grow. 🖤✨🤍

Have a look at her adorable look in pictures:

Rimha Ahmed

Rimha Ahmed

Rimha Ahmed

Thousands of people follow her on Instagram and the actress posts videos and pictures from her acting and modeling careers.

Previously, the star gained popularity by posting photos of herself dressed in pink and black. Furthermore, photos of her with a white sweatshirt and blue jeans were popular.

Take a look:

Rimha Ahmed

Rimha Ahmed

Rimha portrays the role of Natasha in Muqaddar Ka Sitara, which is about using marriage as a therapy for negligent parenting.

Safdar wants Natasha to marry Razi (Inayat Khan), who declined to marry the female protagonist Hadia (Fatima Effendi Kanwar) due to misunderstandings.

Safdar disinherits Natasha of all his property after she marries Sherry (Asad Butt), who duplicates her by appearing as a rich man, against his consent.

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