Actress Zoya Nasir Bullied for Posting a Picture With a White Man

People are cursing at her in the comments.

Zoya Nasir

Pakistani television actress Zoya Nasir entered the showbiz with a lead role in Hania. Although it has only been a year since her debut the actress/beautician has attracted a huge fan following. But her latest Instagram picture caused an outrage.

The Deewangi actress took to her social media account to wish Chris Betzmann on his birthday. Chris is a German travel Vlogger who has been in Pakistan for almost a year now.

Zebaish star Zoya wrote a humorous caption for him, saying:


Happy birthday To my fav Kuttay. Thanks for being born.


While most of her fans also wished the German vlogger a happy birthday, some took offense in the picture that she posted. Many people posted mean comments about her clothes, and even the fact that she is standing so close to a ‘white‘ man.


Someone highlighted the issue on Twitter and deemed the public’s attitude ‘disheartening’.


I was so disheartened to see such comments under a Pakistani actresses’s picture. Its sad to see that these people think it’s okay to say such disgusting stuff. Why are people here full of nothing but hatred and judgement.


Zoya is not the only one to receive such blatant hate, many celebrities have gone through similar instances where they’re bullied. Online harassment and bullying is an unfortunate reality that many people have to deal with.





Do you think Zoya Nasir should have been trolled like she was? Share your views in the comments section.




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