After Beating War Drums, Bollywood Stars Are Now Urging Pakistan to Return Their Pilot

People change… sometimes in a day.

After Pakistan’s Counterstrike, Indian Celebrities Appeal Pilot’s Safe Return |

The morning Indian Air Force (IAF) jets crossed Line of Control (LoC) in a bid to hit ‘terrorist targets’ inside Pakistani airspace, the whole Bollywood fraternity was glorifying the war and the ‘valiant effort’ of their pilots.

Pakistani celebrities however, showed true courage. They remained committed to ‘peace not war’ slogan.

The tide turned when Pakistan Air Force (PAF) pilots shot down two Indian Mig 21 aircraft the next morning, and captured an Indian pilot alive.

The valor of PAF pilots prompted Indian celebrities to change their belligerent tone. Suddenly, they forgot all the calls to war, with Indian media and movie personalities beginning to remind Pakistan about the Geneva Convention and the dangers of war.

The day Indian jets violated Pakistani airspace, Twitter’s top trend remained #Balakot, #SurgicalStrike2.0 and #HOWSHOS in India.

Indian Celebrities Call for Pilot’s Release

After Pakistan’s counter-strike, these pro-war Twitter trends changed to #SayNoToWar, #PeaceNotWar, #BringBackAbhinandan.

Here are some of the Bollywood actors and actresses who have called for Pakistan to ensure the safe return of their pilot:


It should be mentioned that Pakistan has assured India that they are treating their pilot according to international norms.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has even offered a safe return of Wing Com Abhinandan ‘if it defuses the tension.’


Written by Raza Rizvi


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