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After Chand Nawab, This New Pakistani Reporter Has Gone Viral for the Wrong Reasons [Video]

Just another day of exciting news reporting.


News reporting is a tough job, especially if you’re a Pakistani reporter on the field. Don’t believe us? Here is a Pakistani journalist who had to go off the deep end to deliver a live flood report:

He really dove into that story! However, there are more annoying things for reporters than fish and neck-deep water – People!


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A Nuisance For Reporters

Whether it is people crowding up in the background or pedestrians just casually walking in front of the camera, no one seems to care about the reporter’s dedication to deliver the news.

In this occupation, you have to be ruthless, and tough! One such reporter was having a bad day and decided to take action! Years after the legendary Chand Nawab took social media by storm, another unidentified reporter took matters into his own hands as he ‘calmly’ moved aside a lost passer-by who stood in front of the camera. Check it out:

Chand Nawab would be proud!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

Chand Nawab has become part of the media folklore. His Karachi railway report went viral and even inspired a scene in the hit Bollywood film Bajrangi Bhaijaan.


He became a symbol for field reporters, going through the ordeal of pesky passer-bys walking into their camera shot.

Here is another reporter taking matters into his own hands, literally!

Truly inspirational! The story of Chand Nawab is a ‘bedtime’ story told to all cub reporters on their first day on the field as a reminder to be ruthless and tough!


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Written by Sher Alam


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