Ahad Raza Mir Leaves a Cute Note for Sajal Aly

The couple remains popular with fans.

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir

Sajal and Ahad’s love story is all we have been talking about for a long time. No kidding, we love them and like to see them sharing their cute moments on social media.

The couple got married last month and it was absolutely a dream come true moment for them, their family and of course their fans. Ever since the two made their television appearance in Yaqeen Ka Safar, their fans have been raving about their chemistry.

Three years down, here they are with their happily married life.

Sajal and Ahad don’t talk much about each other on their social media, but when they do, it’s the biggest ‘aww’ moment. *only sweet talks*

Yesterday Ahad posted a cute picture with Sajal and the caption said it all.

“My one and only,” Ahad wrote.


Their fans adored it and left thousands of hearts on the photograph. And with these hearts, came a long many prayers and well wishes for the two. SAHAD fans are like no other.

You can feel their love for their favorite couple.


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