Ahmed Ali Akbar as ‘Parizaad’ Keeps Fans Rolling Praises


With each passing week, the drama serial Parizaad continues to garner more praise and momentum. From finally seeing a brown character as the protagonist to the character’s mannerisms, everything really hits home.

Maybe it’s the fact that we all had to grow past certain prejudices due to our appearance, at some point in our lives. The way Ahmed Ali Akbar brought the titular character to life is psychologically stimulating. From how he pens his frustration as poetry, to helping others unconditionally and building his self-esteem.

Life doesn’t have a clear antagonist we can defeat and get on with. It’s filled with constant adversity. That doesn’t stop us from wishing it were as simple as a storybook. That’s where Parizaad gives us a reality check, not even storybook heroes have it easy.


Ahmed Ali Akbar’s Acting

The credit for having audiences so engrossed in Parizaad’s story goes to Ahmed Ali Akbar. Even artists known for their exceptional acting skills like Osman Khalid Butt and Zahid Ahmed are impressed with how Ahmed Ali Akbar brought the titular character to life.

Zahid Ahmed showers praise on Ahmed Ali Akbar for her performance in ‘Parizaad’


The way he speaks, his posture, and even the subtle mannerisms like lowering his gaze add to the whole experience. Pair that with his dialogues and audiences are in love with this character.



Parizaad Has So Much To Offer

Interactions between characters is when we really get to see those heartwarming dialogues.

What the audience slove, in particular, is the narrative the drama presents. How there can’t be one antagonist behind a man’s woes. Therefore you can’t blame women for men being rejected.

The way the drama serial approaches toxic beauty standards is so mature and realistic, rather than painting everything with the misogyny of ‘good women and bad women’.


Too bad nothing can be perfect, and the fact that they cast a light-skinned actor and had him use blackface is a sore spot.

What feelings did the drama serial evoke in you? Has watching Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance led to any self-reflection for you? let us know in the comments below.


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