‘Awaaz Neechi Rakh Kay Baat Karo’ Iffat Omar Warns Ahmed Ali Butt

“Imran Khan ne aa key jo gand machaya hai na, pehlay us se bohot behtar tha”.

It is no secret that actress Iffat Omar is no fan of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and never foregoes a chance to spew vitriol against him. Once again, the veteran actress took the opportunity to express her hatred for the PTI leader on Ahmed Ali Butt’s talk show, Super Over.

When the host asked her why she will not vote for Imran Khan, the senior actress got hyper and engaged in a heated debate with him. Ahmed Ali Butt lost his cool and started spitting facts about previous failed governments.

Here is the video:

Iffat Omar is known for her bold and blunt personality and outspoken opinions on social media. From calling Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar out to speaking ill about Imran Khan, she is fearless and unbothered about the backlash it gets her.

Picking on the failed assassination attempt on Imran Khan at the Haqiqi Azadi Long March last month, she claimed on her social media that it was fake and he wasn’t even shot which irked many netizens. In response, Ali Zafar proposed that its best to just ignore Iffat Omar altogether.