Aiman and Minal Khan Take A Family Vacation To Swat [Pictures]

The twin sisters share their fun photos on social media.

Popular Pakistani actresses and twin sisters Aiman and Minal Khan decide to go on a vacation together to celebrate the end of the lock-down. The two, along with their family, went to the beautiful Swat district in the Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It has been ages since people got the chance to leave their house and travel. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, government authorities all around the world, including Pakistan, enforced a precautionary lock-down and asked everyone to maintain social distancing.

However, things seem to be returning to normal as recently the government announced the end of lock-down this week.


Govt Decides to Reopen Cinemas, Gyms, Transport and Restaurants

This has come as a relief for many people, as businesses, restaurants have reopened and people can move about easily to visit their favorite places without restrictions. The most popular thing people want to do, especially since it’s the end of the summer, is travel to the breathtaking northern areas of Pakistan.

Actresses Minal Khan and Aiman Khan, along with her husband and daughter, decided to visit Swat Valley, which renowned for its natural beauty.

The two sisters, along with their brothers as well as grandmother went to Swat and shared their vacation with fans on social media. Check it out:

Looks like a fun family vacation.

Which exotic place do you feel like visiting? Share your suggestions in the comments below.


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