Aiman and Minal’s Brand Deflects Non-Payment Blame From Twin Sisters

The sisters deflect blame by stating AnM Closet is owned by their brother.

Showbiz twins, Aiman Muneeb and Minal Ahsan’s fashion brand AnM Closet have addressed the recent controversy regarding the non-payment of their ex-employee.

In what may seem like a deflection tactic, AnM Closet, despite being named after the two sisters, has claimed that the brand is not owned by Aiman and Minal but rather run by their brother Maaz Khan. The fashion brand stated that it went through some financial difficulties but will soon take “corrective measures’ to resolve the problem.

The two sisters and their company came under fire after a disgruntled ex-employee called them out for their poor treatment of the staff and withholding salaries for over six months. AnM Closet threatened to take legal action against ex-employees for their “planned smear campaign” against a “well-reputed fashion brand”.

In its official statement on Instagram, AnM Closet wrote,

AnM Closet is a well-reputed fashion brand that makes sure to meet the needs of its employees. It is important to note that the brand does not believe in holding any employee’s salary. However, like many other establishments, this company has gone through some financial difficulty, [which] resulted in delayed salaries.

The statement went on to read, “But they took corrective measures and managed to resolve the problem.”

AnM Closet emphasized the fact that both Aiman Muneeb and Minal Ahsan are not involved in the brand’s daily operations as the company is run by Maaz Khan, adding, “Hence, they [Aiman and Minal] cannot and should not be held responsible for any human resource-related issue”.

The statement concluded with a threat adding that legal action will be taken against the ex-employees of the brand “who are trying to malign the reputation of Aiman Khan and Minal Khan via a planned smear campaign.”

Soon after AnM Closet, the ex-employee, Ali Hamid, updated folks on his Facebook that his dues have been cleared.

Aiman Muneeb and Minal Ahsan

Ali Hamid was a former employee of AnM Closet, whose post went viral on social media. The ex-employee called out the fashion brand for non-payment of salaries. He even accused Aiman Muneeb and Minal of treating the staff like “slaves”.

Hamid revealed that he was not paid for over six months despite his multiple requests to Maaz Khan. He claimed that several other employees have been facing similar issues.


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