Aiman Muneeb is NOT Impressed by The Eiffel Tower

The popular actress compared it to the replica in Bahria Town.

Showbiz star Aiman Muneeb was not impressed by the iconic Eiffel Tower, during her visit to the French capital, Paris, with Muneeb Butt.

The Eiffel Tower has often been hyped up in movies and shows as the most romantic and dreamy places to visit. However, most people have found it overrated and underwhelming, including Aiman Khan and Hina Altaf.

In a candid podcast, Hina Altaf prompted Aiman Muneeb to share her honest opinion about the Eiffel Tower, leading to a lighthearted critique. Aiman humorously compared the renowned Parisian structure to the Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town, dismissing both as “nothing special.”

Aiman elaborated on her underwhelming experience, stating, “When I saw the Eiffel Tower, I was like, what?” She further emphasized that the site did not meet the expectations built up by its romanticized reputation.

To illustrate her point, Aiman drew parallels between the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Mazar-e-Quaid-e-Azam in Karachi, emphasizing the place was littered with street vendors selling keychains and other items.

The actress playfully highlighted that the Eiffel Tower visit did not live up to the cinematic portrayal of a dreamy and awe-inspiring location. Hina Altaf couldn’t contain her laughter, resonating with Aiman’s candid observations about the world-famous landmark.

Aiman Muneeb’s humorous take on the Eiffel Tower adds a refreshing perspective to the countless romanticized narratives surrounding the iconic structure, resonating with those who share a more down-to-earth view of the famous Parisian attraction.

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