Akcent’s Adrian Sina Takes a Trip to Hunza Valley [Pictures]

The Akcent frontman took some breathtaking clicks.

Romanian singer and frontman for EDM band Akcent, Adrian Sina is enjoying his vacation to the beautiful Hunza Valley. The popular artist is seen enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Romanian singer-songwriter Adrian Sina is one of the biggest names in EDM. Adrian is one of the few genre defining artists who continues to grow in popularity worldwide. Unlike other international artists, majority of Adrian’s fan following is in Pakistan. To us, he’s half-Pakistani!

He has been a hit in Pakistan since back in his Akcent days. Even after the EDM music group disbanded, the lead singer continues to have a loyal support in Pakistan. After Akcent, Adrian has remained active, even helping to promote a softer image of Pakistan.


Adrian is one of the few artists who adamantly came out to tour the country when other music artists wouldn’t. These reservations came amid security threats in the country, yet Adrian Sina still made a point to visit the country.


The Romanian music producer gets the same warm hospitality and love from Pakistanis. Even Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor invited him over for tea.

Akcent - Asif Ghafoor

Speaking of tea, currently, the Romanian artist is enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the majestic mountains of Hunza. Adrian took to his Instagram to share some breathtaking clicks from his visit to the Hunza Valley. Check it out!

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