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Akshay Kumar Gets Brutally Trolled Over Fau-G, His Alternative To PUBG

How unoriginal.


In a not-so-surprising move, the Indian government and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s attempt to cash in on national sentiment with a copycat version of PUBG has backfired spectacularly. Indians and the world are brutally trolling the actor over his cheap knockoff game Fau-G.

It seems like PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds and many other popular Chinese apps (117 to be exact) will remain banned all around India due to the ongoing situation with China.

However, this presented the Indian government with a unique opportunity to sell the public a more “pro-Indian army” PUBG game. The game is called Fearless And United Guards or FAU-G (we see what you did there). Modi even went as far as to get Bollywood star Akshay Kumar on board.


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The game is developed by Banglore-based publishers nCore Games, under the mentorship of Akshay Kumar.

About Fau-G

Pretty much like PUBG, ‘FAU-G’ has both single and multiplayer modes with tweaked in-game campaigns that are ‘inspired’ by real-life encounters of Indian security forces. The first level is supposed to be set in Galwan Valley, where Indian and Chinese troops clashed on June 2020. Is there an option to pick Chinese troops for this mission?

The actor took to his social media account on Twitter to proudly present the PUBG alternative that will be ‘different’ from any other game and has a more ‘patriotic’ feel to it.


Akshay Kumar faces trolling

However, both the game and Akshay got massively trolled for selling a ‘copy-paste’ alternative to the immensely popular PUBG.

Here are some of the best and most hilarious tweets on Twitter.

People even called out and trolled FAU-G for blatantly ripping off a rock band’s album cover for their game.

Modi looks on to see if anyone’s buying this…

What do you think about FAU-G? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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