Ali Azmat to Make Acting Comeback with Maula Jutt

What on Earth happened to Azmat’s comeback movie Jhol?

Ali Azmat is set to make an acting comeback with the reboot of Maula Jutt and we’re wondering what happened to his comeback film Jhol.

Although we’re ecstatic about the Maula Jutt reboot and now that Ali Azmat will be starring in the film, we just can’t help but guess what his character will be.

Maula Jutt is the long-awaited reboot of the Punjabi classic of the same name. It is among the few Pakistani films that are acknowledged by IMDB. The film is being spearheaded by Bilal Lashari, the same director behind Waar. 

Besides Ali Azmat’s cameo, others who are confirmed for the movie include Fawad Khan as the protagonist, Hamza Abbasi as the antagonist Noori Nath, Mahira Khan and Humaima Malick.

The funny part is that of the finalised cast Azmat the man with a guest appearance is the only one fluent in Punjabi. While the rest of the cast leaned on language coaches for the job.

“It’s funny because that’s true. I spoke the best Punjabi on set. They’re all angrez-Punjabis, but they’ve done a great job.”

The Junoon frontman revealed that his shots were filmed in Lahore on the purpose-built sets earlier this year.

After his debut in Waar (2013) Ali Azmat was missing from the acting scene. The artist cited his impatience to invest time in long hours of shooting and commitment to a project for months as the reason for his disappearance.

“But I guess it’s the money or the fact that when I’m not doing anything, I want to do something else, creatively. I’m a character actor, so I try my hand here and there.”

We’re just glad Azmat made a comeback, but still wondering what happened to Jhol. The film was set to be an action comedy and was the project of first-time film director Shahid Shafaat.

Azmat was cast as a policeman with Urwa Hocane, Bilal Ashraf and Nausheen Shah as his co-stars. The film was scheduled for release by 2016 but actresses Iman Ali and Babra Sharif dropped out. There is no update on why they dropped out or why the film wasn’t released. What went down we don’t know and neither does Ali Azmat apparently.

“I have no idea (with what happened to the movie). I’ve shot the film, done with dubbing and the soundtrack as well. I think the producers are not too sure; the lead hero (Bilal Ashraf) is no longer a part of the film, so they wanted to shoot more from what I know. I’ve done my work and now I’m waiting for the day it comes out. I think I was 44 when it started and I’m 48 now!”

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