This “Typical Desi Housewife” Reaction to Maula Jutt is Super Hilarious

Even the director of the movie loves it!

Since the trailer for Bilal Lashari’s The Legend of Maula Jutt came out, there have been a ton of reaction videos. Bilal Lashari, who is the director of the hyped movie, seems to be an avid fan of those reaction videos as well. And he might have finally found the best one among them.

Director Bilal Lashari is loving Nasreen’s reaction to The Legend of Maula Jutt trailer. For those who don’t know who Nasreen is, you probably know the YouTuber’s other avatar Rahim Pardeesi.

You can watch the whole thing here:

About Nasreen

Nasreen is the Scottish-Pakistani YouTuber Rahim Pardeesi’s avatar of a typical desi housewife.The YouTuber does original comedy based on desis abroad as well as reaction videos.

Its not just Bilal that love the YouTuber’s fresh and hilarious take on the trailer.

People love the honestly of a fan-girl like Nasreen.

Nasreen even asked foreign viewers not to watch pirated versions of the movie from torrents and go see it in cinemas.

YouTube had similar reactions:

One thing’s for sure, the funny man got people interested in watching the movie.