Ali Safina Opens Up About Playing ‘Miskeen’ in ‘Chupke Chupke’

Ali Safina played a ‘ghar damad’ Miskeen in the Ramadan drama series


Despite all the love towards Ramzan drama Chupke Chupke, the series was heavily criticised for the portrayal of ‘ghar damads’. Even Ali Safina admits his character Miskeen was a ghar damad who isn’t respected by the family.

The actor that brought this character to life added that although the family fails to respect him, Miskeen is actually very important to them.

“As the story proceeds on, people begin to understand the different shades to him. He is a ghar damaad who isn’t respected by the family but who is actually very important to them.”


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According to writer Maliha Rehman, Ali Safina had informed the director that the audience won’t relate to Miskeen, but Danish Nawaz rolled with it anyway

“After the very first episode was aired, I called Danish Bhai and told him that my character wouldn’t connect with the audience. But Danish Bhai was sure that even though Miskeen was the butt of most of the jokes, eventually the audience would forge an emotional bond with him.”

We see that based on all the errands he runs around the house Miskeen does contribute to the home, just not via a traditional male gender role. We see him flipped off despite him just helping.

Ali Safina really didn’t want the ghar damad to be pushed around, but Danish Nawaz was right about the emotional appeal of the character. People were rightly outraged.

“I didn’t want my hair to be the way it was in the drama and for Maskeen to be pushed around by the rest of the characters.”

Ali Safina might not have like Miskeen’s hairdo, but we all adored his heart. The character ranks among the most loved characters of Chupke Chupke.



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His favorite Miskeen moment was when he asserts himself in front of his wife Gul.

“One of my favorite scenes from the drama is where Miskeen tells his wife Gul that she needs to take a look at herself in the mirror and realize that she couldn’t keep bullying her brothers and sisters. It’s one of the main scenes where he stands up to her.”

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