Ali Sethi and Abhay Deol Post Goofy Pasoori Video

The Indian actor Abhay Deol is rubbing shoulders with the pride of Pakistan these days.

Pasoori has set a benchmark not just in Pakistan but in the entire world. People in Bollywood and Hollywood are mesmerized by the song and are still grooving to its quirky tune.

Pasoori by Ali Sethi and Shae Gillcis a blend of beauty, harmony, and the expression of emotions. The rhythmic undulation of the song has an appealing sensation. The song has been a milestone in Ali Sethi’s life. It has earned him unprecedented global fame and admiration, and he was even invited to the Times100 Gala recently.

Ali Sethi is among 100 inspiring people creating a change and making a mark in history. 

To attend the gala, Ali Sethi flew to New York City where he also met some of his Bollywood friends. The Indian actor Abhay Deol turned to his social media and shared a video with Ali Sethi pulling funny faces in the camera and just being goofy brown boys with no geographical boundaries. 

Abhay Deol captioned it:

‘United’ in the States of America. Cause here we’d all just be brown folks 😘. “Agg lavan majboori nu”.

Ali’s vocals with Shae Gill’s artistic flair have certainly created a paragon of excellence. The rejuvenating effect of the iconic song with an uplifting therapeutic rhythm that weaves an enchanting atmosphere. Also, it is hard to beat this kind of masterpiece.

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