Alizeh Shah Claps Back At Trolls Making Fun of Her Hair

The Tana Bana star is not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

Popular actress, model and singer Alizeh Shah claps back at trolls making fun of her new hairdo. The Tana Bana star responded to a social media user making a meme out of her recent post on Instagram.


alizeh shah

Many people predicted that Alizeh Shah is going to be the next big star and she is certainly living up to the billing. Fans love her performance in drama serial Dil Mom Ka Diya. She played the role of Farhat, the sister of the main female lead (played by Neelam Munir). Alizeh even appeared in an Eid Telefilm. She usually works with Aplus Entertainment and Hum TV. Her performance in Mera Dil Mera Dushman increased her fan following significantly. Rocking a short hair-do, Alizeh is currently captivating audiences in her recent drama serial Tana Bana alongside debutant Danyal Zafar.

The young starlet continues to make headlines as she recently made her singing debut with Sahir Ali Bagga. The song “Badnamiyan” has over a million views on YouTube.

Alizeh Shah

However, the actress has become a subject of memes and criticism. From her singing ability to her short haircut, netizens continue to poke fun at the young starlet. Alizeh has cut her hair short, which prompted online trolls to make fun of her.

One troll suggested she should get an army cut. Not one to stay quiet, Alizeh boldly shared the meme and gave her response. Check it out!

Kudos to Alizeh for not losing her cool over such brutal trolling. What do you think about Alizeh Shah’s response? Let us know in the comment section below.


Alizeh Shah is Not Seeking Approval for Her Stunning Moves

Written by Sher Alam


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  1. Aoper tu fouji cutting karo leken niche fouji cutting se bach k rehna.aliza is one of the shameless Pakistani actress.please aliza tell your actual gender.we all are confused about your gender

    • Yes alizah shame on you tm Muslim hu or syeda hu kia ye sb hrkaty tmhy zaib dyti hyn tm na Muslim na larka na lrki bl k transgender lg RHi hu

    • If u don’t like her i doesn’t mean she’s bad u can’t judge her because of her dressing or hair. I’m surprised how can u say something wrong about her u dont know what’s in her heart. I can say one thing to all of u shame on u. Shayad woh allah keh nazdeek ap se behtar darje par ho.

    • If u don’t like her it doesn’t mean that she is bad. You can’t judge her because of her dressing or hair i have a question do u have some kind of power to enter everyone’s heart??? No right so how can u troll her without knowing her. I can say one thing to all of u shame on u. Shayad woh allah keh nazdeek ap se behtar darje par ho. So first look urself in the mirror then troll someone. Agr ap ko itni hi buri lagti hai woh tou na dekhen use but don’t leave mean comment for her 💜🙏please everyone stop trolling her. Main us ki himayat nahi ker rahi but ap ko bata rahi hun keh us ne apni qabar main our hamain apni qabar main jana hai🙏

  2. Let them do whatever they want to do,,,, people are not supposed to be troll them or make jokes on them.. They people have their own life, own hairs,, own dressing style,,,, we dnt have any right to make jokes or fun on them.

  3. “Kuch to log kahein gey…
    Logon ka kaam hai kehna…”

    Adatun majboor hain log…🤪

    So chill kro alizeh… shoq da koi mol nai…

  4. oh comon bro are following all rules and regulations in islam I am not supporting her but guys comon gossiping around rubbish about someone is useless u guys are representing that this is what muslims do, I mean if she is happy with her hair or whatever let her live her life man , imagine someone forcing you to have long or very short hair or else u will be the hot topic the very next day if she happy let be dont be a reason of someone heart break or on day of judgement u will punished for what u have done in name of so called “mardangi”

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