Alizeh Shah Melts Hearts With HSA Family Portraits

The young diva is happy with her proud mother and brother by her side.

Popular young starlet Alizeh Shah shares beautiful family portraits at the Hum Style Awards. The Tana Bana star looks happy with her proud mother and brother by her side.

alizeh shah

Alizeh Shah is a big star and she is certainly living up to the billing. Fans love her performance in drama serial Dil Mom Ka Diya. She played the role of Farhat, the sister of the main female lead (played by Neelam Munir). Alizeh even appeared in an Eid Telefilm. She usually works with Aplus Entertainment and Hum TV. Her performance in Mera Dil Mera Dushman increased her fan following significantly. Rocking a short hair-do, Alizeh captivated audiences in her recent drama serial Tana Bana alongside debutant Danyal Zafar.

alizeh shah

The young starlet continues to make headlines as she recently made her singing debut with Sahir Ali Bagga. The song “Badnamiyan” has over a million views on YouTube. However, the actress has become a subject of memes and criticism. From her singing ability to her short haircut, netizens continue to poke fun at the young starlet. Alizeh has cut her hair short, which prompted online trolls to make fun of her.

alizeh shah

Even at the Hum Style Awards, trolls continued to make fun of Alizeh but the young diva has remained unfazed, delivering a brilliant performance with Ali Zafar. The Tana Bana star’s source of inspiration is her family who is always there for her. Alizeh took to social media to share some beautiful family portraits from the Hum Style Awards. Check it out!

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Alizeh Shah Sparks Meme Fest With Hum Style Awards Look


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  1. She is disgusting..
    Wats she showing…her body..ridiculous
    Is Islam allows this type of dressing to a woman..
    And if she belongs to Syed faimly as she writes Shah
    Shame for her…😡😡

  2. I do request to all honorable female paki actress not to wear such dresses which caused hurt anybody’s feelings as you are public figure you must be avoided such kind of acts for which created a wave of anxiety for others. I do hope you will not mind from my comments if you I really apology for that g

  3. As she belongs to a syed family she should definitely have little shame. Vulgarity is not enhance her beauty but put her value n character begging when she started her career I liked her but now she has lost her respect n character from my side. Now she is nothing for me. I am amazed about her family how they support her to do such kind of shameless acts?

  4. Alize lost her appeal in the minds of those of her fans, who accepted her innocent child like looks,as one of their own family. Now, she is more of a spoiled child that invites her detractors.

  5. Alizeh Shah was known as innocent baby like looking actress i her privious works we can see she distinguished,but as soon as she take a hair cut and wore dresses off sholders,people are disappointed.its totally up to her to be as she like and as her field demands but her fans are really very sad as they were not expecting this look for her .

  6. Being a muslim is not about having a muslim name or living in muslim country. It’s all about following Islam. She and her family is truly disgusting.

  7. Agar ap sb log itny e muslims bnty ho to in ko unfollow q ni kr dyty phly khud hi inki ratings high krty ho phor khud hi bolty ho ya to ap k6 khna chahty ho k unhyn asar ho to un follow kro na seedhi hui to phir bt hy

    • Yeah…u r right..actually hm byhaya’e’ ko kisi na kisi stage pr khud support kr rhy hoty hn.srf bura kh dyny sy bt nh bnti burae ka rasta rokny k lye practically steps uthana prty hn.

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