All You Need to Know About Sanam Jung and Her New Venture

Like many celebs, Sanam Jung also delved into a business venture of her own.

Like many celebs, Sanam Jung also delved into a business venture of her own. Rather than teaming up with an existing brand, the Alvida actress launched her own fragrance line.

After a successful stint in the Pakistani drama scene, the starlet is now the owner of her own fragrance line, Sanam Jung Fragrances is Pakistan’s first woman-led fragrance brand.


Shahid Afridi Launches First Fragrances in Partnership with J.

Sanam Jung’s fragrance line aims to create innovative and dynamic scents specifically for Pakistan. So far the Qarar actress has launched three perfumes. Her three celebrity fragrances are named Forever Crush, Mystic Fall, and Heavenly Divine.

Forever Crush by Sanam Jung Fragrances

Sanam Jung

Forever Crush seems like a girly pink fragrance. While Heavenly Divine seems more timeless and mature. Meanwhile Mystic Falls seems similar to Forever Crush.

Heavenly Divine by Sanam Jung Fragrances

Sanam Jung


The fragrance notes for these scents is not known so we don’t the which scent signatures each fragrance has.

This is the starlet’s first time with her own business venture. Do you guys think Sanam is set to become a successful businesswoman? Are you thinking about buying her fragrances? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Sanam Jung


More About Sanam Jung

Sanam started her career as a VJ on Aag. After widespread fame, as VJ she delved into the Pakistani drama scene with Dil-e-Muztar.

Since then she’s made waves with her performance in Alvida, Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara, Mein Na Janoon, and Qarar. We saw her play an antagonist for the first time in her recent stint in Qarar.

The actress is also a vlogger and has her own YouTube channel.

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