Amar Khan Reveals Her Mother Scarified A lot For Her Better and Successful Future

“I’m a C-class artist to date, but I wanted my daughter to be an A-class actor.”

Veteran actress Fariha Jabeen and her actor and writer daughter Amar Khan both recently appeared in Mohib Mirza’s show The Knock Knock Show. During the fun chit-chat and revelations, Fariha discussed her dreams regarding her daughter.

Talking about her struggling life Fariha Jabeen remarked, reflecting on her difficult upbringing and life experiences. She said,

I was a C-class actress, it is a known fact, I know this, I remained a C-class actor so that I could give my daughter a good life and an A-class status. I wanted her to be educated and offered all those roles and characters which never came my way.

She went on to say, “I was more concerned about my daughter’s academic performance than my wardrobe, style, or appearance. I was waiting for the day my daughter will complete her studies.” Amar Khan stated that her mother’s greatest desire was to see her daughter speak English on television.

Showbiz diva Amar Khan also shared a piece of advice from her mother, a senior actor herself, before joining the entertainment industry.

I still remember this advice from her, ‘Whatever you want to do in life, do it with utmost dedication and effort, because I never had that life and those privileges but you do, so I want my daughter to be educated.

“She never did anything for herself, never invested in self but always in me,” Khan concluded.

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