Ameer Gilani Says He Can Marry Older or Divorced Women Despite Taboos

“I want my wife to be my best friend.”

Young actor Ameer Gilani opened up about his views on marriage, shedding light on the qualities he seeks in a life partner and challenging societal stereotypes in a candid interview.

During the interview, the young star was asked to describe his vision of an ideal life partner. He expressed his desire for his life partner to be his best friend, someone with whom he can share everything and who can reciprocate the same level of openness and authenticity.

Addressing societal stereotypes, Ameer expressed his willingness to marry older or divorced women as he considers such things as baseless stereotypes and taboos, citing examples from Islam and his family.

When asked about the qualities he looks for in his wife-to-be, Ameer Gilani explained that he values a genuine and transparent connection, where his partner feels comfortable being her true self around him. He expressed a desire for his partner to be authentic and real, without feeling the need to alter her demeanor or hide aspects of her personality.

The actor’s perspective on relationships extended beyond his own, as he also highlighted the significance of advocating for his wife. Ameer mentioned that he believes in standing up for your partner. He said,

I will raise my voice for my wife because I would want my sister’s husband to do the same.

The actor’s candid remarks sparked discussions and received praise from fans and followers who appreciated his open-mindedness and willingness to challenge conventional norms.

Ameer Gilani’s perspective serves as a reminder that personal connections and compatibility should not be confined by societal expectations or stereotypes.

Check out the full interview here.

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