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Amjad Sabri’s Daughter Grew Into a Heartthrob [Videos]

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We all miss Amjad Sabri whenever we hear his voice on the radio or come across his name in our playlist. Yet, how often do we follow up on what his kids are up to? Amjad Sabri’s daughter has grown into a heartbreaker for sure.

Amjad Sabri is survived by his five children. We know three of them as Mujadidd, Awn, and Hoorain. We might be most familiar with the eldest Mujadidd who’s seen in tribute shows for his father.

Much like Amjad Sabri, who started his career at a young age reciting ‘Naats‘ [Ode to the Muslim prophet Muhammad (SAW)], his son is following suit.

While Ghulam Farid Sabri was there to train his son, Mujadidd is shining through despite not having that experience. Awn is also seen taking after his big brother.


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While Mujadidd went the same route as his father, Hoorain is emerging as a potential social media influencer. She even has quite a TikTok following.

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Storm in her eyes, peace in her smile. ✨

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While she’s younger then her brother Mujadidd, she received just as much attention as she is budding into a teen.

Hoorain’s following online is not just limited to Amjad Sabri fans. She’s making a mark for herself with her playful and fun TikTok videos.


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Besides that Amjad Sabri’s daughter is quite a heartthrob. How old is she again?

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