Amna Ilyas and Dawar Mehmood Set Social Media Abuzz with Loved-Up Clicks

Netizens want these two to tie the knot really soon.

Popular Pakistani model and actress Amna Ilyas and Dawar Mehmood set social media abuzz with their latest post on Instagram. The two celebrities are very close to each other and netizens can’t help but insist that these two should ‘tie the knot’ already.

Recently, Amna took to her social media account on Instagram to share some breathtaking clicks with beau Dawar Mehmood. Amna is rocking a black backless saree whereas, Dawar Mehmood looks dapper in a suit. The two look gorgeous together. Check it out!

“Who laugh together, last together! I love being crazy and silly with you,” the Baaji star wrote in the caption.

Dawar even left a loving message in the comment section.

The post is going viral on social media as everyone wants these two to tie the knot ASAP!

What is going on between these two?

This isn’t the first time fans have seen Amna and Dawar have fun in each other’s company. Check out some of these beautiful clicks of the two together.


With so much going on, people began spreading rumours of the two as the next ‘showbiz couple’. Amna and Dawar took to Instagram to share a hilarious response video to these rumours.

“Excuse this brute – listen to me,” Amna began her video with Dawar sitting next to her. “To all the people spreading rumors, take this from me! Dekhen baat simple si hai, mera koi boyfriend nae hai, lekin inki bohat sari girlfriends hain.(Here’s the simple thing, I don’t have any boyfriend).”

There has been no official confirmation of their relationship. However, we know one thing is for certain, these two are very good friends and should continue to keep fans entertained with their adorable moments on social. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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