Amna Ilyas Responds to Her Viral Kick-Off Video

In the video, the Baaji star attempted to kick an apple placed over a man’s head.

Amna Ilyas

Last week, Amna Ilyas became the target of criticism after her video went viral. In the video, the Baaji star attempted to kick an apple placed over a man’s head. Unfortunately, she kicked the man instead. When the video made it to social media trends, the actor was called out for her ‘cheap stunts’ in order to go viral. Now, in a video, Amna responded to the criticism and introduced the man in the video, who is actually her nephew and an aspiring actor.

Most people assumed that the man in the video is a house help and thus concluded that it was very inappropriate of her to film a ‘cheap publicity stunt’. Sharing the video on her Instagram, Amna clarified that the man in question is not her house help, but her nephew Nigel

“To all you lovely fans out there, meet Nigel! @_nigelgill_. He is not my house help. He is an actor and he’s my nephew.”

Nigel begins the video by taking a jab at the situation. He then goes on to say that if he is not hurt, people shouldn’t bother speaking up for him.

“The amount of attention you guys have given me in the last week, it would’ve been better if you gave me money instead,” he added.


Amna Ilyas and nephew clarify their stance

Nigel also pointed out that the majority of the people assumed he was a worker or house help, based on ‘his skin color’.

“I do have one grievance. 70% of you said that she kicked a poor house help or worker. Why? Why can’t I be a cousin, brother, or nephew? Just because I’m dark, you assumed that I must be a poor worker… I don’t need help, you do.”

He then pointed towards his aunt, who attempted to explain her ‘act’. Furthermore, she apologized for disrespecting food and said,

“Apple is food and disrespecting food is wrong. I agree it was in bad taste and I apologise for it.”

Netizens, however, didn’t buy her apology. They called it a ‘lame cover-up’ for making ‘abusive, unethical and disrespectful’ content.

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