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Ananya Panday Gets Trolled on Twitter Over Spelling Mistake

Some trolls just won’t let go.


One of Bollywood’s newest stars, Ananya Panday is quite active on social media platforms, especially on Twitter. There, she has launched a campaign called So+ (so positive) which aims to combat social media bullying with positive thoughts.

However, her efforts have not yielded the required results so far. In fact, she herself fell prey to merciless trolling after leaving a spelling mistake in a Twitter post.


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Anaya Panday’s Harmless Mistake

On Wednesday, when most of the Twitterati was absorbed in watching the India vs. New Zealand semifinal, Ananya posted a picture posing with her best friends Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor.

She made one minor mistake, and the internet pounced on it.

She had to correct her tweet, but by then it was probably too late.

In the caption, she mistakenly wrote ‘Charlie’s Angles’ instead of ‘Charlie’s Angels.’

Upon realizing the mistake, she changed it with the correct spelling, but it proved to be too late – the train had already left the station.

Trolls certainly had a field day over it.


The ‘Student of the Year 2’ star was trolled for being the ‘student of the year.’

A troll went too far to call her a graduate from ‘NEPOTISM SCHOOL for one little gaffe.

Others just used emojis to make their point:

To be honest, this is something that can happen to any of us. The sooner trolls realize this, the better.

Ananya Speaks About Her Initiative

Earlier in an interview with a local newspaper, Ananya had spoken about her So+ initiative. She said that her idea is to build a community which discourages social media bullying.

“I will post details about bullying and information about what people can do to report bullying. We would lobby for social media empathy and constructive criticism with this initiative. For example, how they can report and block bullies on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.”

Ananya Panday added that she will also create a direct line so that people could also share their problems with her time to time.

Written by Raza Rizvi


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