Annie Khalid Asks People To Let Her Raise Her Child in Peace [Video]

No one should make you feel inadequate as a mother.

Annie Khalid

Pakistani pop-star Annie Khalid is most popularly known for her track ‘Mahiya’ in the Bollywood film Awarapan. The songstress uses her platform to advocate self-love and love for natural hair. Now it seems that Annie has some bits to share about motherhood.


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The ‘Gorey Desi’ singer took on nosy relatives in her recent post. We all have our fair share of them right?

Annie Khalid Has Words for Overbearing Folks

Basically, the former singer spoke her mind about how overbearing relatives can make things harder for new moms, in an Instagram post. She says that some people have a pathological tendency to hand out unsolicited advice. They wont even spare a new mother.

Keeping that in mind, the singer shared some of the most strangest things people have said to her after she became a mom.

“The most ridiculous things people said to me after I had a baby!”

Annie believes that every woman has her own way of how she wants to raise her child. It’s hard enough being a young mother. Whilst your hormones have you on edge, relatives imposing their ideas just adds to the hardship.

Annie Khalid opened up about how some advice is appreciated. However, people who push for obsolete practices is a whole another issue. Some of them even want to impose them on others.

“Giving advice is one thing but imposing your ideas, some of which belong in the 1900s, or making a first-time mother feel confused, or she’s not doing the right thing, is out of order and unacceptable.”



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Making a first-time mother feel like she’s not good enough to raise her own child is not just brazenly rude but cruel. With some women suffering from Post-Partum Depression already, that’s the last thing a new mother needs.

Annie Khalid pointed out that no one shares a bond with a child like a mother and no one can love a child more than her. Despite these relatives’ claims of how doing so and so could enhance a ‘mama brain‘ and ‘maternal instincts‘, people should learn to respect boundaries.

Perhaps minding your own business is the perfect policy here.


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