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Another TikTok Star Spotted Making Videos In Govt Residence [Video]

Umm, seriously?

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It has been a few months since TikTok star Hareem Shah made headlines with her videos. Apparently she took a stroll around the Foreign Ministry’s office and was also spotted with various political leaders.

Following the footsteps of Hareem Shah, another Tik Tok has landed in a controversy. Pashtun singer and TikTok star Sofia Kaif’s videos inside the house of KP’s CM have been going insanely viral and people are curious to know ‘why’?

Reports say that Sofia Kaif was invited at KP CM, Mahmood Khan’s house for an event. The event was being held in one of the lawns of the residence. But then Sofia had to go to the ‘bathroom’ which we can assume was an excuse to enter the main residence and make videos.


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In the video above, you can see that the staff in the residence were welcoming her by opening the door. Sofia then walked in, smiled at the camera and posed for her TikTok video.

What are the officials doing?

This is the second time a TikTok celebrity was seen at an official building. The video has been making rounds on the internet and we just want to know what is going around with these public officials.

When Hareem Shah’s videos went viral, several investigations took place which further resulted in more controversies for officials. A commoner is not allowed to enter these buildings and such cases give fuel to the fire and only give rise to misinformation.


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