Are Sarah And Falak Expecting Their First Child?

Sarah and Falak were recently in Turkey where the actress suddenly fell ill

Sarah and Falak are one of the most loved couples in the Pakistani entertainment industry. They have always openly shown love towards each other but recently they faced a bad patch. Both of them were visiting Turkey when suddenly Sarah fell ill and got hospitalized. This left her fans deeply worried.


Why Is Sarah Khan Hospitalized In Turkey?

Are Sarah and Falak ready to surprise fans?

Although her Manager informed everybody that she was suffering from Typhoid but Falak recently dropped a picture on Instagram that left us wondering otherwise. The snap shared by Shabir showed a couple and the woman being pregnant. “This is the beauty of a relationship. SubhanAllah,” he wrote along with the story.

We don’t know what did Falak exactly mean by posting this story but it suddenly alarmed everybody as many considered it a subtle hint!

Previously, Sarah’s husband Falak Shabir shared a story on his Instagram account in which his wife and he were present at a hospital. Falak had written in the caption of the photo “She is not well” but he did not clarify what happened to the actress.


The couple got married on July 16, 2020, in an intimate ceremony. Their sudden marriage left everyone surprised and now we believe that fans should gear for another big news! If this news is true then fans of Sarah and Falak will surely be ecstatic!

Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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