Armeena Khan Celebrates Her Birthday in Quarantine [Pictures]

Check out what she did.

Birthday means celebration. But there are times when you can’t celebrate it with anybody. Growing up, we’ve all had gone through this because there was always one exam that had to fall on our birthday. Yeah, thanks Geography!

But these days, there is something bigger than exams that has changed our whole course of life. That’s right, we are talking about coronavirus.

We don’t know how things will change in the coming days, but we can definitely ‘flatten the curve’ by following certain measures, such as staying at homes.

And that means no hangouts and no celebrations.

People born in March and April.

One more… *sorry*


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Today is Armeena Khan’s birthday and given the current circumstances, she chose to celebrate it at home, i.e. in quarantine.

“It truly is a quarantine B’day. Thank you to everyone for the lovely messages and calls,” she wrote.

Some home-made cupcakes and flowers for the birthday girl.

Armeena thanked her parents for making her ‘quarantine’ birthday special. She shared a few photographs from this little party on her social media.

“Birthday in self-isolation ??‍♀️ Thanks mom, dad, Aunty for making it special for me ❤️❤️? So grateful for everything”

Happy Birthday Armeena. *hearts*


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