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Armeena Khan Gets Attacked By Priyanka Chopra Fans on Social Media

Fake accounts attack the Sherdil actress.

armeena khan and priyanka chopra

Priyanka Chopra fans are coming at Armeena Khan, and that too with fake accounts. The Sherdil actress tweeted out how PeeCee fans were attacking her from fake accounts.

We all know that Armeena Khan has schooled many Bollywood hatemongers but her dig at Priyanka Chopra was a masterclass in itself.

Here’s what happened during the height of Indo-Pak tensions following the Pulwama suicide attack:


Armeena Khan Teaches War-Mongering Priyanka Chopra the Meaning of Grace

Following that incident while Priyanka shook it off, her Twitter trolls took off.

Armeena Khan then shared some of the vile venom these PeeCee fans were shooting her way.

The actress clarified that she didn’t start the petition to remove Priyanka as a UN Goodwill Ambassador after her pro-war remark nor is she the goodwill ambassador that took up the flag to be a peace agent (yet she still called for peace all throughout the recent Indo-Pak tensions).

One of those trolls called her out for ‘going to Bollywood.’ Um, perhaps these trolls need to come up with something that actually happened instead of making up stories to fit in with their insecure worldview?

We believe that either these trolls can’t read and do research, or they got the wrong Pakistani actress.

Why Armeena Khan Should be a Goodwill Ambassador

Based on what the misinformed trolls have to say, Armeena Khan should be a goodwill ambassador. The actress has been one of the most vocal Pakistani artists calling for peace after the Pulwama attack and Balakot airstrike.

While Bollywood was betting on and rooting for war, Pakistani artists kept their cool.  The Sherdil starlet called out Indian actors rooting for war between India and Pakistan.

Armeena Khan pointed out that while being a peace advocate in times of peace is no big deal, turbulent tides expose which way people flow.

Earlier the Janan actress even asserted that coming from a military household she knows the grave cost of war. That’s exactly why she advocates peace, not war.


Armeena Khan Pays a Heartfelt Tribute to Her Father and Calls for Peace

Armeena put it straight that war on screens is not real (that’s just a movie), and actors need to be realistic. You can promote your movie and promote peace.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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