Ashfaq Satti Clarifies Stance Following Suspension Over Allegations of Domestic Violence

He dubbed himself as an “innocent person”.

In a recent turn of events, Ashfaq Satti, a prominent figure, found himself suspended amidst allegations of domestic violence. The decision came after a First Information Report (FIR) was filed against Satti on the complaint of his wife, Nomaika Tahir Mehmood. In response, Satti has come forward to offer his clarification, vehemently denying the accusations and appealing for an end to what he refers to as a media trial against him.

Anchorperson Ashfaque Ishaq Satti dubbing himself an “innocent person” called for an end to the media trial against him.

“Believe me I have reached this level after working hard for 17 years. I am thankful to you for the love you gave to me during this journey,” he said in a video statement on Instagram.

While speaking about the dispute with his second wife, he said that it was important to have both sides’ version of any matter. “Everything has two aspects,” Satti said and added that it was his quarrel with his wife was their matter.

He went on to add that husband and wife fight in every house, but his matter was exaggerated to deliberately destroy his reputation.

Satti, who was seen wearing a pink shirt in the seven-minute video, lamented the public reaction on social media to his personal life. He described himself as an “innocent person”.

The former news anchor of ARY News lamented that his personal life was being discussed everywhere. He stated that police were investigating the matter, adding that a media trial should not be conducted.

“There is no need for media courts when courts are seeing the matters,” he said.

Satti said that his second wife Nomaika’s demand to divorce his third wife was similar to blackmailing.

He added that anchorperson Rabia Anum was personally criticizing him. The anchorperson said that his former colleague should have called him or sent him a message before making statements against him.

“I am suffering from mental torture because of Rabia’s comments. , my wife and children are receiving threatening phone calls. If anything happens to my family then Rabia will be responsible,” he said.