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Asim Azhar Reveals Who He Wants To Marry [Video]

Or did he?

Hania Amir and Asim Azhar. The duo has been rumored to be together for long. However, we still have no word if the two are officially a couple.

Now that one of the Pakistani entertainment industry’s most popular couples Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir are married, we’re looking to ship someone else.

So attention has now turned to Asim Azhar and Hania Amir. The duo still isn’t officials despite fans shipping the two for a while now.

And now we have a sign of the things to come. Asim Azhar dropped a hint that he’s not planning to get married anytime soon.


Is Hania Aamir Getting Married This Year?

In his appearance on Waseem Badami’s ‘Har Lamha Purjosh‘, the Jo Tu Na Mila singer said he believes in destiny and will end up with the right person.

“I haven’t of anything of the sort right now. I’m married to my work. I feel whoever your partner is they need (to spend) their time and there are things you need to provide them n a personal level. So right now, that’s not something I can do,”

When asked if he has someone in mind, or he’ll just go with the flow. Asim Azhar said;

“We’ll see when the time comes. I believe in destiny and (hope that) Allah will do what’s best. Whoever is mine and who I’m (intended) for (hope that) it will be good,”

He believes that he will end up with whoever Allah intends for him.



Guess What? These Two Famous TV Jingles Were Sung By Asim Azhar [Video]

Asim Azhar was adamant that he’s only focusing on his career right now. It seemed as though both Hania Amir and the Sassi singer are focused on their careers for now.

Hania Amir became an instant hit with Janaan. The actress has gone on to star in many films and dramas.

Meanwhile, Asim Azhar, dubbed by his fan as ‘Justine Bieber of Pakistan’, started as a child artist.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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