Asim Jofa Eid Collection Pictures, Price and All You Need to Know

“An ode to the everlasting charm of classic clothing.”

The ace designer Asim Jofa presents the Eid collection ‘AIRA’ which is an ode to the everlasting charm of classic clothing. The line showcases refined outlines and lavish embellishments that emanate a majestic splendor.

It seamlessly blends Eastern and Western ideals, drawing inspiration from the finest elements from all corners of the globe in making each piece a timeless gem.

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Here we have gathered a few of the masterpieces of Asim Jofa’s, take a detailed look and buckle up to pre-order them to stand out like royalty this Eid.

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If you are an ardent lover of bold color then this fully embroidered maroon ensemble is sure to win hearts. The shirt is adorned with sage-green, red and golden sequins that resemble delicate flowers and leaves while the sleeves have a graceful border

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3-PC | Rs. 6,350/

Dive into a world where black and powder blue collides, creating a canvas of captivating beauty. A captivating combination of embroidery adorned with botanical florals and tribal motifs that dance in perfect harmony.

2-PC | Rs. 4,250/-

This festive attire is a perfect combination of resplendence and radiance. Flamingo pink exudes femininity and grace which is an impeccable choice for any occasion that demands a chic and classy look.

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2-PC | Rs. 4,950/-

Rendering flawless beauty and grace, this exquisite khaki-beige ensemble from the Aira Collection by Asim Jofa is a treat of an elegant vibe.

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3-PC | Rs. 5,450/-

Symbolizing the spirit of true grace, this attire from the ‘Aira’ collection has a royal appeal. A harmonious match to the whole look making it a gorgeous drape to flaunt.

3-PC | Rs. 5,650/-

The Turkish coffee hue creates a sense of earthy charm, while the meticulously embroidered details on the cambric celebrate the beauty of craftsmanship and illuminate the design.

3-PC | Rs. 5,950/-

The resplendent hues of Steel Blue with intricately embroidered center panels on the cambric serve as a captivating focal point, drawing the eye with its exquisite craftsmanship.

3-PC | Rs. 5,950/-

Mawra Hocane emerges as a vision of enigmatic beauty, embodying the essence of mystery and allure in this captivating ensemble.

2-PC | Rs. 4,850/-

Saboor Aly graces this design, emanating an aura of pure enchantment like a rose in full bloom. A soft luscious pink base adorned with golden embroidery, and shimmering sequins, evokes the radiant sunbeams.

3-PC | Rs. 5,850/-

Woven with utmost delicacy and art, this exquisite tea green ensemble from the ‘Aira’ Collection by Asim Jofa is sure to entice you.

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2-PC | Rs. 5,250/-

Kinza Hashmi is a vision in red dressed in this stunning three-piece ensemble. This design is a perfect choice for anyone who loves to mix tradition and modernity in their style.

3-PC | Rs. 6,250/-

Mawra Hocane looks pretty in pink in this gorgeous two-piece outfit. This design is an apt choice for any casual or semi-formal get-together.

2-PC | Rs. 3,650/-

Behold the exquisite beauty of this ensemble that celebrates the fusion of elegance and charm. It will make you feel the exclusiveness and the sophistication of comfort together.

3-PC | Rs. 6,650/-

This is a must-have for any fashionista who wants to make a statement this season.

3-PC | Rs. 6,250/-

This mesmerizing deep bottle green creation captivates all with its radiant presence. Like a sparkling gem, this three-piece ensemble shines with brilliance and artistry.

3-PC | Rs. 5,750/-

Embrace this celestial marvel and let your style transcend the boundaries of the ordinary.

3-PC | Rs. 5,650/-

Saboor Aly personifies finesse in this pinkish-beige number from the ‘Aira’ collection. This two-piece masterwork is inspired by the hypnotic beauty of nouveau patterns.

2-PC | Rs. 4,850/-

This outfit is perfect for any formal occasion & will ensure to leave an everlasting style impression wherever you go.

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3-PC | Rs. 5,550/-

Be ready to slip into the ethnic zone with modernity in this midnight purple number.

2-PC | Rs. 4,850/-

This ensemble weaves a tale of timeless charm and elegance like verses written on a canvas. Immerse yourself in the poetry of style with Asim Jofa’s ‘Aira’ collection.

3-PC | Rs. 5,950/-

Like a tapestry woven with cultural pride, this ensemble captures the essence of elegance as it pays homage to the rich heritage of Pakistani luxury fashion.

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3-PC | Rs. 5,850/-

Asim Jofa Outlets

There isn’t any official outlet of Asim Jofa in the market or worldwide. the brand delivers its stocks online or has different stockists in various cities of the country. you can buy amazing pieces of Asim Jofa Aira from these stockists.

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Stockists in Pakistan and International

So girls, mark your calendars for 12 June for pre-booking this alluring collection of Asim Jofa ‘Aira’ on and stun with style by picking the best out of the latest collection before it runs out.