Atif Aslam Reveals He Wanted to be a Cricketer

Somewhere in the universe there is a fast bowler Atif Aslam, yorking Babar Azam.

Renowned singer Atif Aslam recently revealed in a candid interview with RJ Sayema Rahman on Sufiscore that his first passion was not music, but cricket.

Atif disclosed that he had always aspired to be a fast bowler, considering himself skilled in the sport. However, he relinquished this dream due to his parents’ insistence that education was paramount and that cricket offered limited career prospects at the time.

With the upcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL 9) around the corner, somewhere in a bizarre multiverse, we’d be looking forward to fast-pacer Atif Aslam delivering fiery yorkers to Babar Azam!

Atif explained,

I had already given up on one passion. I always wanted to be a fast bowler. I was very good at cricket. So I had given up on that because my parents insisted that education is more important, [cricket] doesn’t have a lot of scope and they were right in saying that.

Reflecting on how he transitioned from cricket to music, Atif described the loss of his cricketing dream as a turning point that led him to explore his musical talents. “For me, my life, my breath, it’s all music,” he stated. “It might sound orthodox but it’s the truth. If I don’t listen to good music, my day does not go well.”

Atif expressed his belief that music is a divine gift and shared insights into his early encounters with music, recalling listening to an album by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Michael Brooks at a young age. He emphasized the profound impact of that experience on his musical journey.

Despite initially lacking formal training, Atif’s innate talent and dedication propelled him into the world of music. He reminisced about his humble beginnings, including impromptu performances at family gatherings and funfairs, where he discovered his passion for singing.

Atif’s journey from a novice musician to a celebrated artist serves as a testament to his perseverance and talent. As he prepares to make a comeback in Bollywood with a romantic song for Love Story of 90s, fans eagerly await the return of the iconic singer whose music transcends borders and cultures.

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