Ayesha Omar Deals With Hate in a Graceful Manner

We admire her.

Ayesha Omar

Engin Altan Duzyatan, aka Ertugrul Ghazi, recently met three of his young Pakistani fans through live video call. The Make-A-Wish foundation arranged this event in Karachi and actress Ayesha Omar was the host of the evening.

The event was a huge success and we can expect a lot more from this Pakistan – Turkey alliance in the future.

Ayesha Omar also felt honored to host this event as she posted the full video on her Instagram as well.

“I’m extremely honored and grateful to have been asked to host (and translate for) this beautiful evening.


Ayesha Omar Blooms With Grace

While Pakistanis felt proud and lauded the Karachi Se Lahore actress for gracefully representing Pakistan, a few internet trolls came to police her for not doing a good job.

In fact, one netizen even had a problem that the Bulbulay actress was chosen to represent Pakistan. According to him, it gave a ‘bad image’ to the Turks.

But Ayesha Omar knows how to respond to these comments. She straight up said,

“I’m sorry you didn’t approve.”




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She thanked the organizers and the Board of Directors for thinking she was ‘worthy of this’ and humbly said,

“I hope I can come up to your expectations and standards someday. Will keep on trying.”

This was a beautiful and mature response from a woman whose achievements were discredited by a so called troll. Ayesha Omar once again gave us a message that anything and everything can be resolved with love.

However, the actress still felt sad about the criticism she faced.

On the other hand, Ayesha also shared a picture of herself with the girls whose wishes were fulfilled recently.

The girls were dressed in the same style as Halime Sultan, therefore she described them as ‘our very own Halime Sultans’.




Ayesha Omar Silences Troll in the Most Graceful Manner

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