Ayesha Omar Shares Exclusive BTS Sneak Peek From the Sets of Kukri

The chilling true crime thriller is now out in cinemas across Pakistan.

Actress Ayesha Omar delighted fans by sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the set of Kukri, the film, based on the untold story of notorious serial killer Javed Iqbal.

The bone-chilling true crime film faced its fair share of obstacles, including a ban by the Punjab government and the Central Board of Film Censors, ‘Kukri’ has overcome adversity to reach the big screen. The film’s journey to release has been met with anticipation and curiosity from audiences.

Ayesha piqued fans’ interest with a sneak peek into the intense world of Kukri. One particular scene showcased Ayesha’s character Zahra Nigar, a no-nonsense police officer, in action. The glimpse revealed a high-stakes moment, capturing the essence of the gripping crime drama.

In light of the film’s nationwide release, Ayesha Omar encouraged fans to book their tickets and experience the true crime thriller in theaters.

Abou Aleeha’s Kukri, starring Yasir Hussain and Ayesha Omar, aims to shed light on the chilling crimes committed by Javed Iqbal, emphasizing the need for awareness and vigilance in protecting children from abuse.

The decision to rename the film from its original title, Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer, was made to ensure that the film’s purpose was not misunderstood as glorifying the character but rather to raise awareness and provoke discussion on the subject matter.

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