Adnan Siddiqui Praises Naseeruddin Shah for Apologizing After His ‘Sindhi’ Gaffe

“Apologizing for a mistake is indeed a true testament to a person’s character and intellect.”

Renowned actor Adnan Siddiqui has appreciated Naseeruddin Shah’s recent apology regarding his “misstatement” about the Sindhi language in Pakistan.

In a promotional interview with Tried & Refused Productions for his latest TV series Taj, the Bollywood veteran bluntly claimed that Sindhi is no longer spoken in Pakistan. Naseeruddin Shah came under immense scrutiny online with several Pakistani actors calling out the Indian actor for his gaffe, forcing him to issue a public apology.

Siddiqui took to Twitter to express his admiration for Shah’s sincerity and commended his strength and humility in accepting his mistake.

In a tweet on Thursday, Siddiqui wrote,

Apologizing for a mistake is indeed a true testament to a person’s character and intellect. Naseer sahib’s recent gesture has only deepened my admiration for him. It takes strength and humility to acknowledge one’s errors and take responsibility for them.

Siddiqui’s supportive message came in the wake of a controversy sparked by Shah’s remarks during a promotional interview for his latest TV series, Taj.

Realizing his error, Naseeruddin Shah promptly issued an apology on Facebook, acknowledging his mistake and expressing regret for the controversy caused by his statement.

He clarified that he was wrong in stating that Sindhi is no longer spoken in Pakistan and emphasized his intention to highlight the ignorance towards regional languages while discussing the widespread use of Urdu.

Adnan Siddiqui is a highly acclaimed actor in the Pakistani entertainment industry, known for his versatile performances in both television dramas and films. His gesture of support for Naseeruddin Shah highlights the bond and camaraderie shared among artists, even across borders.

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