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Ayeza Khan Fears Rise in Suicides In Near Future

Why is that? Find out here.

Ayeza Khan

The coronavirus has created fear and panic on a global scale. As like most countries worldwide, Pakistani too has initiated a nationwide lock-down and quarantine to protect its populace. While most of us are bound at home, everyone’s main concern is about keep ourselves entertained to pass the time. Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan has a far greater concern though.

Ayeza is dreading a possibility of increased suicide rates in Pakistan. This is for people with little to no resources during the lock-down days.

It rarely crosses our minds as to how poor people, those without a regular income, are living at the moment. There is a high chance of people not being able to feed themselves while locked up at home. Thus, it would not be far-fetched to imagine people taking their own lives when they can’t provide for themselves or their families.

The Mere Paas Tum Ho actress is very keen on shedding light on this issue as she has been very active on her social media about advocating kindness and charity during this crisis.

Recently, Ayeza took to her Instagram to urge fans and followers to give charity as much as possible. She stated that helping out is important as the nation is confined within their homes. It is essential to stay indoors, but less privileged are being affected as they no longer have the resources to feed themselves or their families.

She emphasized that we all need to look around and ensure that those less fortunate people are being taken care of as well. Check out the post:

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#staypositive #allahiswithus❤️

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Her post is a much-needed call for action for us as a nation to come together and do our part in ensuring that the poor do not die of hunger due to quarantine.

Do you believe Ayeza Khan is right about what lies ahead? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. Yeah. i am totally agreed and believed that the lockdown had affected our less privilege people as 30% of the people In our country are below the poverty line.
    So we must come forward in these testing time and help our less fortunate brothers as much as possible.

  2. She is absolutely right as we know we r facing pandemic virus people scare of it may Allah give us strength to fight against dis

  3. Yes you are absolutely right about the concern of the People’s. I am concerning about the white collar People’s.. plzzz Eyes on ur Neighborhood plzzz…🙏🙏🙏

  4. Well, Helping others, who are in need is a very important thing to do. I have always been a big fan of Ayeza Khan.
    But i will say that i dont agree with her this time. As this Virus is not only virus, it is more of a mission that we have to accomplish given and sent to us by ALLAH. therefore we all have to stay strong and faithful and make our self’s strong and ready to fight anything for ALLAH. I dont think Pakistanis are so weak that they will commit suicides instead of facing the hardships and keep fighting until their last breath.
    keep it up PAKISTAN.

    • Ayeza Khan , hum Pakistani nation hai, Bachpan se halaat ka muqabala karna aata hai,

      Hamari Zindagi koi drama nahi, Jo choti choti problems par haar maan kar suicide karle,

      We are the most constructive and positive thinking people.

  5. With due respect my question is “what is her intatitve towards her Nation”? I don’t think so we are looser or weak Nation .
    Allhumudlliah we are Muslim and have strong Faith on Allah سبحانه وتعالى
    This is the time we need to analyse ourselves and stand out for our people.
    As a celebrity you can do much more for your people rather than you Just talk negative.

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