Ayeza Khan Turns Face Mask Into A Fashion Accessory [Pictures]

Is this going to become a thing?


Ayeza Khan is a popular Pakistani actress who has won the hearts of people with her incredible performances drama serials such as Mere Pass Tum Ho. Even though people hated her character, people loved her commitment to the role and her ability to portray Mehwish so convincingly.

Although Ayeza is one of the biggest celebrities in the showbiz industry, she can’t help but stay away from the spotlight. Even though she is one of the same celebrities who advised people to stay home and maintain social distancing.

Due to coronavirus, people are requested to stay inside their homes. Everything is locked down except grocery stores, food suppliers, and pharmacies and of course talk shows.

Since the month of Ramadan promises a ratings goldmine for networks, many celebrities have started their own Ramadan transmissions – including Lollywood actress Reema Khan.


Reema Khan’s Ramzan transmission, Baran-e-Rehmat on AAJ News invited Ayeza Khan as a guest. She shared her Ramzan routine with her fans and audience. From preparing sehri to doing other home chores, spending time with kids, and setting table for Iftar, how she manages to do everything.



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However it is what Ayeza wore to the show that has got people talking. The actress wore a beautiful red dress by Ansab Jahangir and a matching, custom-design red-face mask. Apparently safety is irrelevant if your face mask doesn’t match your dress. Have a look:

What are your thoughts? It seems like celebrities aren’t that much interested in maintaining social distancing. Check out the full episode here:




Are Ramzan Transmissions Getting a Lot of Hate Right Now?

Written by Sher Alam


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