Bakhtawar Bhutto and Hubby En Route to Larkana [Pictures]

Photographs of the couple heading to Larkana together are making rounds.

Right after her wedding rather than jetting off to a tourist paradise for their honeymoon newly-weds Bakhtawar Bhutto and Mahmood Chaudhry had something else in mind. Bakhtawar headed the one place she knows there was paradise, to her mother.

Photographs of the couple headed to Larkana together are making rounds. The couple drove to the Zardari hometown of Ghari Khuda Bux Bhutto Naudero, Larkana. Their first stop was Benazir Bhutto’s mausoleum.


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The mausoleum also houses other Bhutto ancestors. After paying Benazir and praying Bakhtawar Bhutto showed her husband the incredible artwork around the grave structure.

What really caught everyone’s eye was how Mahmood Chaudhary had handed his new bride the reigns already. The man snapped a selfie while Bakhtawar was driving the car.

Mahmood Chaudhry has been a gentleman through and through ever since the engagement. However, the man is not old school at all. He’s comfortable with his wife taking the reigns, not having the need to be at the helm, and always take charge.


In his Instagram story, Mahmood Chaudhry also shared the moment he was spreading a sheet of fresh roses on his mother-in-law’s final resting place to pay homage to the mother of his bride.


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