Balochistan MPA Undresses to Protest In Parliament [Video]

In an odd occurrence, a member of the provincial assembly stripped down in the House.

In an odd occurrence, a member of the provincial assembly stripped down in the House. His reasons? Balochistan MPA, Zabid Ali Reki undressed to protest during an assembly session.

The bold move was to protest against the government’s apathy towards the people of the province. The people’s representative took his clothes off and drew attention to the people’s plight.


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He said that the government employees in Balochistan have been staging a protest for the last three days. Yet the government ignored their issues. Zabid Ali Reki even bared his emotions, breaking down and demanding to know;

“They have the right to stage a protest, … What have these people done? Why are they being treated like this?”

He addressed the House, as he took off his waistcoat. Even touching on infrastructural deprivation in the province, pointing out;

“Look at the condition of the roads in this province.”

MPA Zabid Ali Reki even went as far as unveiling the issue of ‘counter-insurgency’ in the Parliament. Aside from being plagued by terrorism, the residents of Balochistan end up as casualties in counter-insurgency measures as well.

The Baloch MPA called out authorities for not placing these citizens first as he undressed to protest.

“The government isn’t telling us what we have done wrong. Are these people terrorists? Do they have any foreign funding? Why is the government doing this to us?”


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Zabid Ali Reki was about to remove his shirt when other MPAs intervened and stopped him. The MPA from the district Washuk was intent on leaving on the bare minimum to make his point.

He certainly has all our attention now. He now has the national spotlight on the issues of Balochistan.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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