‘Ban Chugtai Lab’ Trends After a Wrong Blood Report Leads to Patient’s Kidney Failure

Netizens are infuriated over this blunder made by the well-known medical institute.

'Ban Chugtai Lab'

‘Ban Chugtai Lab’ or #BanChugtaiLab has been trending on Twitter. In a Tweet, it was shared that Chugtai Lab reported the wrong blood type for a patient. On the other hand, Surgimed Hospital in Lahore transfused the wrong blood type. And the patient, reportedly named Kiran, suffered from renal failure.

Hemolytic transfusion

Before we understand what Hemolytic transfusion is, we need to understand why some patients need a blood transfusion. Blood transfusion involves the transfer of blood into someone’s circulation. This is done intravenously. This is used for several different medical reasons- especially when a patient has lost components of blood.

Hemolytic transfusion occurs when a patient’s blood type does not match with that of the transfused blood. After this, the transfused red blood cells are attacked by the immune system. This life-threatening, as it proved to be so in this case as well.

Kiran now has kidney [renal] failure because of the lab and hospital’s careless mistakes.

‘Ban Chugtai Lab’

Netizens are infuriated after hearing of this blunder made by the well-known medical institutes. Many are now demanding that Chugtai Lab and Surgimed Hospital Lahore get banned. ‘Ban Chugtai Lab’ has been trending on Twitter since last night.

Let’s take a look at some of the Tweets:







What do you think of the ‘Ban Chugtai Lab’ trend on Twitter?



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