Best, On-Trend Mehndi Designs For Eid 2022 [Pictures]

As the Eid is just behind the corner we ladies sure do love to flaunt our stunning outfits, jewelry, and that perfect mehndi. Eid without Mehndi is totally incomplete for all the girls and even the kids.

As the fashion trends are extending rapidly, Mehndi trends are also ascending to the more elegant and graceful designs. Nowadays girls certainly do not want that old-school heavy mehndi designs which hide the beauty of their delicate hands.

If you find yourself looking for that one beautiful mehndi style for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a bunch of beautiful Mehndi design pictures to draw inspiration from on this Chand Raat.

Tikki/ Mandala Design:

The simplest and most loved mehndi design is this gol Tikki design which is inspired by the mandalas. The patterns can be made both inside and outside of your hands.

Simple Floral:

Fascinating floral patterns can be connected with curves or lines spreading from one another. You can cover your fingers and wrist through these delicate flowers and curves.

Fingers Mehndi:

The mehndi patterns only on fingers are trending big time. For those who are looking for something more minimalist, these are for them.

Feet Mehndi:

Try these delicate and intricate feet Mehndi designs.


Kids Mehndi:

Like the elders, young girls and kids also do not hold back when it comes to enjoying Mehndi. Here are some minimalist mehndi designs for kids for keeping their henna from smudging.


Mehndi tattoos:

Here are some ideas for the people who don’t like the idea of permanent tattoos. They are just super easy, don’t hurt, and fade away in just a few days. You can pull them off on any part of your body.

We hope you find that enticing mehndi design that reflects your personality and fashion style here.