Bilal Abbas Khan Shares A Cute Childhood Memory with Fans

The handsome hunk was a cute toddler at one point.

Bilal Abbas

Bilal Abbas Khan is the very definition of suave. The actor sports a rocking hairdo, that waves gracefully with the wind.

His eye-catching looks are definitely show-stopping as well. The Balaa star makes a big splash whenever it’s his time to shine on the TV screen.

Seriously, look at the dude! 

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The intensity and focus in Bilal’s gaze is equivalent to the raging fire that’s burns deep within the heart of a soul.


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Childhood Mania

As we grow up and move further away from our childhood, we become desensitized with reality. Forgetting the inner innocence we once used to possess and become stone-cold with our outlook on life as we reach adulthood. Therefore it’s important to look back and remember the inner child.

This is exactly what Bilal Abbas did and shared a beaming photo of himself from his childhood days on Instagram.

It is quite apparent from the photo that Bilal oozed gallantry even as a child. The Cheekh actor is quite a natural, when it comes to posing for the camera.

Here we see a Budding Bilal riding a toy pony. Maybe in the future, we can witness the actor on an actual stallion in a drama/film scene.

About the Actor

Bilal Abbas began his career in 2016. He has since made steady strides by delivering well-received performances in hit dramas such as Balaa, O Rangreza, Qurban, Dumpuhkt and Cheekh. He was awarded the Best Actor prize at ARY Media Awards in 2018 for his appearance in Balaa.


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Written by Suleman Saleem


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