Bollywood’s Anti-Pakistan Film ‘Martin’ Shows Islamabad as a Desert [Cringe Alert]

Indians think Islamabad is a desert…

Bollywood has done it again! Just when we thought we had seen it all, they have dropped the teaser for their latest film Martin, and boy oh boy, is it a doozy!

Indian actor Dhruva Sarja stars as ‘Martin’, a muscle-bound meathead whose entire personality is that he’s Indian, and if that’s not abundantly clear to you, he literally has the word “INDIAN” tattooed on his arm in bold letters, just in case anyone forgets who the hero is.

T-Series dropped the first teaser trailer of the upcoming film, jam-packed with over-the-top fight scenes, guns, explosions, and a giant prison facility in the desert region of Pakistan called Islamabad.


In the Martin teaser, Sarja’s character is sent to a prison in Pakistan, where he proceeds to beat up every inmate, guard, janitor, or some random prisoner taking a shower. Apparently, ‘Martin’ is a very “cruel” man that the entire Pakistani police force is quivering in their uniforms as they discuss plans to contain this one-man wrecking machine.

Here is the first look at Dhruva Sarja as Martin.

Martin is directed by AP Arjun and produced by Uday K Mehta. The film’s trailer has been widely criticized on social media for its blatant anti-Pakistan sentiment and for its cringey, over-the-top action sequences, its lack of subtlety, and nuance, as well as its reliance on tired stereotypes.

At least, we’re glad none of the Pakistani have addressed each other as janab in the trailer, so that’s a positive step in the right direction.

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