This British Retailer Thinks You’ll Love Sweet Potato Biryani Wrap

This is just lazy product development and cultural appropriation on their part.

sweet potato Biryani wrap

A British food retailer has the world wondering what in God’s name is a ‘sweet potato Biryani wrap’.

Fusion foods can be amazing. When not done right its just confusion (get it?). That’s what a retail giant in Britain did, or maybe it’s just ‘lazy product development’.

Biryani in a Sweet Potato Wrap?????

As much as we love biryani and as much as we love wraps (separately), the two of them do not go together. A vegetable wrap would have been better but this is just next level eww.

And to make matters worst, Marks Spencer, the British food retailer, thought they could get away with the ‘South Asian’ branding. Smells like cultural appropriation innit?

Leading South Asian food experts in the United Kingdom straight up said that this is ‘lazy product development’

Sweet Potato Biryani Wrap: The Controversy

The brand M&S(Mark & Spencer) introduced this wrap as a part of its Plant Kitchen range.


Biryani is a rice dish, why would you add bread to it. People question why would you call a sandwich wrap Biryani? That’s using words with a product that isn’t even related.

Desi food experts got to roasting.

M&S Has Pulled This Before as Well

Mallika Basu, UK-based author of Masala: Indian Cooking for Modern Living also had a lot to say about this incident. This isn’t the first time she called out the brand for cultural appropriation. She’s wasn’t too happy about M&S ‘Punjabi Pulao kit‘ from their curry kits line.

“I started the row last year with the ridiculous Bengali Turmeric Kit by M&S so it’s good to see more food writers and chefs getting involved in this debate.”

Others joined her in calling out the cultural appropriation.


Social Media Reacts

Those outraged by the food combo took to social media to call out the brand on this…..whatever this is.

Some people put out good suggestions.

Some people still didn’t understand the issue. You do not call a spade a falcon.


In a world where we have Chinese fortune cookies that the Chinese didn’t invent, pizza with ketchup and other such bizarre mashups that have nothing to do with their origins, sweet potato Biryani wrap needs to be called out for what it is – fake biryani.


Biryani Needs to Be the National Dish of Pakistan [Opinion]

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