Bushra Ansari Is Shutting Down Trolls Who Are ‘Concerned’ With Her Age

She asked people to stick their nose where they should.

Bushra Ansari

Veteran actress Bushra Ansari is not putting up with trolls who are trying to shame her about her age. Rather she’s putting them in their place.

Bushra Ansari a prominent member of the niche clan of Pakistan’s legendary actors. In her long career of serving the biz, she’s been everything from an actress, presenter, singer, and even a writer.

With age, of course, the leading lady has seen a shift in the roles she takes on. As she’s grown in the personal sphere as a grandmother, so has her talent.

Amid all this haters gonna hate, but Bushra Ansari isn’t one to put up with trolls. Rather she put them in their place.


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“People regarding me in a taunting way say that look at her despite being a grandmother now she tries to act young. Well, what can I say to that like it is not my fault that I got married at a young age and now my children are all grown up”.


The Deewar-e-Shab actress pointed out that being a grandmother should not hold her back. She believes that ‘age is just a number’ and she’s gotta live her life.

Bushra Ansari pointed out that her career as an entertainer hasn’t harmed anyone. She made a pretty witty quip by saying that she has not ’caused corruption in the country’. That’s a sign that her trolls really need to divert their energies elsewhere.

‘Should we die if we have become a grandmother? People want those who have crossed the age of 40 should just stop living, why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves? If we sit in a show and entertain people or dance then let me assure you that action of ours has not caused any corruption in the country’.


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Written by Ummara Sheraz

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  1. Bushra insare is an amazing actress ,and multi talented lady.she can go with all characters fully .either teen,young ,middle age or old.and all those people who have some issue with her age.grow up kidoos.and you all haters who have any issue with her age ,roles,must commit suiside when you cross even thirty ,either be something yourself ,stop feeling jealous of an amazing lady.

  2. Let Bushra do rolls whichever are offered to her this is source of income some one who do not like leave watching her plays this is none of any others business

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