Celebrity Plane in Gwadar Allegedly Kicks Out an Injured ASF Officer

The incident was reported by jounalist Hasan Zaidi in a Twitter thread.

A celebrity plane in Gwadar allegedly refused to take an injured ASF officer to Karachi. According to journalist Hasan Zaidi, the man had fallen off a control tower and needed immediate medical attention. However, the PR team’s leader “threw a fit” and kicked the ASF officer off the plane.

Taking to his Twitter account the journalist penned down the story. He wrote:


Just heard a shocking story about the celeb PR trip to Gwadar. Apparently, an ASF guy had accidentally fallen from one of the control towers at Gwadar airport and was badly injured.


He further explained that the authorities provided the ASF officer with initial medical attention. However, he needed to go to the hospital. This is why the authorities put him aboard the celebrity plane.


But according to the story, the leader of the PR team threw a fit, saying the plane was a charter and could not take the injured ASF guy, bec it would compromise the celebs’ privacy or something.


Hasan Zaidi also added that no celebrity spoke in favor of the injured ASF officer. In conclusion, the journalist added that if this story is true, it reflects insensitivity.


None of the ‘celebs’ stepped in to argue otherwise. After this the poor guy was offloaded from the plane, with difficulty. And the authorities then had a police mobile take him 14 hours via road to Karachi.

If this story is correct, this is the height of insensitivity.


Read the whole story here:




Privacy aside, if the celebrity plane could not make room for one more person – that too an injured man – then it shows how indifferent our society has become. What do you think of this story? Share your views in the comments section.


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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