Celebrity Weddings: The Best Mayun Bride Looks [Pictures]

Here’s a look at the best celebrity mayun looks!

Mayun is a traditional ‘ubtan’ ceremony, that is part of almost every Pakistani cultural wedding. This event is a celebration of colors and the beginning of a new journey for the bride. This special event takes place days ahead of the actual wedding ceremony. Among celebrities, it is one of the most popular functions in the wedding season as people get to dance and sing.

Due to the richness of our culture, the mayun ceremony is a very popular part of Pakistani weddings, particularly for the bride. Friends and close relatives attend the event to enjoy the festivities, which include singing, dancing, and, of course, applying ubtan on the bride. Pakistani showbiz stars want to look their best at the mayun ceremony. One of the signature elements of a mayun ceremony is the bride, all dressed up in yellow with ubtan on her face.

The function is held fifteen or twenty days before the wedding. At this event, the groom’s family, along with close relatives and friends, come over to the bride’s home. The groom’s family brings with them a traditionally yellow dress for the bride to wear.

With many of our favorite showbiz divas having tied the knot in recent times, let’s look at some of the popular Pakistani stars at their mayun ceremony. Check it out!

Which Pakistani showbiz star looks best on this festive wedding ceremony? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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